Old Neko Machi Chapter 4: Tales of Retail

For my part I’ve worked one retail job, which was at Radio Shack. It was pretty terrible and I don’t miss it, and for that matter I try to avoid Radio Shack in general. (Though I recently read that they’re not doing great financially, so that may stop being a problem for me before too long.) Michael (who I based Snowball on) meanwhile worked a long succession of retail jobs, including at McFrugal’s (later renamed to “Big Lots”), CompUSA (now gone except for an online store), and Electronics Boutique (now bought out by Game Stop like most other video game retailers). This chapter was essentially comic adaptations of stories from working retail, mostly from Michael. Very little was exaggerated at all.

So yeah, an actual CompUSA customer.

No seriously. In real life this happened.

And so did this.

And seriously, this too. In real life, two grandmas got into a fistfight and false teeth went flying.

From a real conversation with Jon/Calico that stuck in my mind at the time for whatever reason.

I think this may have been the first Neko Machi comic I ever drew. It is a fairly accurate picture of the shenanigans that went on in the warehouse at CompUSA. And to think the craziest thing I ever had at my security guard job was a supervisor who was stealing office supplies.

They were also wrestling fans, and had a guy who looked like one of the Dudley Boys, a broken table, and a guy who really wanted to be put through a table.

This was kinda dumb and lazy, but we really did end up laughing that much once in a while.

Bonus Stuff

I’m sure you messed around a bunch when you first got a digital camera too.

Michael is a very goofy person at times, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m still not sure where the idea for this one came from.

And another Daisy’s Dose of Wisdom.

Inspired by a conversation with Alan/Tama, who could be a good friend but also had issues.

Back then we started playing the hell out of Phantasy Star Online in split-screen on GameCube. I played a decent amount, but some of my friends literally racked up 300-400 hours on it.

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  1. seems like radio shack has been going out of business my entire life, maybe someday they’ll get there.
    ahh work humor. always good.. funny how we all relate to it despite different jobs having little to do with each other

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