Old Neko Machi Chapter 3: Plushies

This wound up being the first appearances of Tama (based on my friend Alan) and Snowball (based on Michael). It was kind of a thing that Kitty liked to ride her bicycle everywhere, and the goggles actually served a practical purpose. I didn’t bike all that much, but I would’ve liked to.

Very early on I had a notion that the city of Neko Machi was sort of this huge Truman Show thing, where the catgirls were genetically engineered and didn’t know about the outside world. Thus “the clock tower” was the biggest structure in their tiny universe.

I did and still do have kind of a childish like of plushies, especially goofy UFO catcher plush of anime characters. It never got to quite the level of Kitty’s collection, but there was a lot, and I eventually got rid of a big chunk of it, though nowhere near all.

So yeah. That was certainly a thing. Now on to some more bonus weirdness.

Bonus Stuff

I remember when I showed this to my grandma she simply said, “Boys need hugs too.”

Based on a conversation with Suichi. He does like to mess with people this way.


One thought on “Old Neko Machi Chapter 3: Plushies

  1. Heh, and now plushie backpacks are all the rage on the sold-on-tv racket.
    i’ve always felt kind of embarrassed about my LACK of a lot of cool stuffed animals.. just one shelf’s worth.. not really adequate.

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