New Neko Machi Chapter 11½: Guest Strips

Piggy wanted to take a couple weeks off from doing the comic, so I asked everyone I could think of if they’d be up for doing guest strips. This one is by me, and as you can see Suichi wasn’t terribly receptive to the idea of doing one himself.

Jake Richmond (who I became acquainted with through his RPG stuff, but is now more well-known for his Modest Medusa webcomic) did this one. He apparently was a big fan of that one strip from Chapter 4.

Sue-chan had never really done comics before, but she rose to the occasion insanely well. I’m kinda jealous.

And Kingsley gave his unique take on the Kitty & Tom situation.

2011-03-23-Neko Machi - Nick Guest Comic
Nick, my now former coworker (he recently got the axe, though I still consider him a friend) did this. It pretty much perfectly shows his sensibilities.

Dawn was willing to do a guest strip, but wanted me to provide a script. I sent her all of the miscellaneous unused scripts I had, and she picked this one, which was something Kingsley came up with for Kim.

And Sue-chan got inspired to do a second guest strip, and seriously, I wish I could think of stuff like this.

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