New Neko Machi Chapter 13: Young Love

So here we come to the last chapter we did.







Piggy did not like this one. I wasn’t exactly attached to it, and I kinda wish she’d said something before, you know, drawing and posting it.






So that’s where we left off. I had a lot planned out, but at the time Piggy posed a really important question: “What is this for?” I sat down and really thought about what I wanted it to be about, and came to the conclusion that I wanted to tell a story about growing up and finding your path through life, and I wanted to (through the lens of catgirls and such) tell the story of me and my ex as part of that. I wrote out Chapter 14 in prose first in the hopes that it would force me to think more about the characters’ inner lives, and with the aim of creating a comic script from that. The result was one of the best Neko Machi things I’ve ever done, and I’m thinking I’ll put it up online relatively soon. I got started on trying to turn Neko Machi into a novel–since it has the virtue of being a medium I can do more or less by myself–but it’s been slow and intensely challenging. Even so I really like some of the stuff I came up with for it, and it’s definitely something I want to finish some day. I know better than to set schedules or make promises, but some day.

Bonus Art


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