This site is the home of Neko Machi, a comic about a bunch of catgirls (loosely based on me and my friends) in high school and later college. I came up with the idea around 2002, and rather than finding a real artist I started drawing comics myself and began posting them online in 2003. I kept it up for a few years, and although I’ve always thought of myself as a writer who doodles rather than an artist per se, I did improve significantly over time. My friend Kingsley tried to take up the art side of things for a while, but he was just too busy with other stuff to really keep it up. (Which has kind of become a theme.)

Later my friend C. Ellis mentioned in passing that she was looking to try doing a webcomic and was looking for a collaborator, so somehow we wound up relaunching Neko Machi with her doing the artwork. It was fun but challenging, and it eventually died out, partly because she was getting paying work that kept her too busy to work on a webcomic for free. Over that time I tried having booths at conventions (at Kin-Yoobi Con and the Alternative Press Expo) where I sold mini-comics and buttons from Neko Machi. That went pretty well considering, though I still have some mini-comics and buttons sitting around.

I hope to eventually finish telling the story I wanted to tell through the relaunched webcomic in the form of a novel (since it’s a medium I can do by myself), but we’ll have to see how that goes. I’ve gotten pretty busy myself with publishing and designing tabletop game stuff, not to mention I have a full-on day job in the video game industry now.

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