New Neko Machi Chapter 5: Kitties

Piggy and I are both cat lovers (though I think it’s safe to say she’s more so), so doing a chapter about the Seven family’s pet cats was pretty natural. I’d already introduced Gabriel, but I renamed him Kumo in the new version. Yuki meanwhile was kind of a hybrid of my cat and piggy’s. This particular comic is based on when we first got the new cat at my house, and the old cat kind of freaked out about it.
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New Neko Machi Chapter 1: Transitions

So here we are with the second incarnation of Neko Machi. I could write a whole giant essay on the whole thing and how I feel about it. C. Ellis (a.k.a. Piggy) mentioned that she was interested in finding someone to do a comic with, and I’d been looking to find an artist to continue the comic. I’m really glad we got to do a project together–she’s a great friend and an amazing artist–but I also really wish I could’ve been a better writer and generally come up with something more worthy of her talents. In any case, I started off with the same first chapter that Kingsley had attempted to do, and in hindsight I really should’ve rewritten it a bit first, but… yeah.
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