Old Neko Machi Chapter 7: Gaming

We were pretty ridiculously obsessed with Halo at the time, and we played the hell out of the multiplayer and coop. Hence, a chapter about catgirls playing it.

I can’t tell if Halo helped or damaged our friendships.

Also at this time Suichi had an apartment to himself where we ended up hanging out all the damn time, and among other things we set up two Xboxes and two TVs. Oh, and we diverged from typical FPS gamers in that for the most part we were not fans of sniping, preferring Halo’s excellent close-in combat.

At the time we were big into watching pro-wrestling too (we still do, though not with quite the same fervor), and at the time Booker T’s catch phrase was “Tell me you did not just say that.” For some reason Michael always transposed a couple words when he said it, so naturally I made this to make fun of him for it.


When playing with Suichi you can’t assume you’re safe just because he’s your teammate.

I don’t think this actually happened in real life, though that apartment did have kind of shoddy wiring, so I wouldn’t have been to shocked if it had.

Now we’re definitely into the realm of fantasy.


Bonus Stuff

This is the first of entirely too many installments of “Anime Frankenstein,” which was meant to be sort of like if the old Saturday Night Live version of Frankentein(‘s Monster) were an obnoxious otaku.

A follow-up to the one about Chinese people in anime.

Yeah, of course he was a Rei fanboy.

J-List really does make that shirt, which says “Searching For a Japanese Girlfriend” in language that makes it sound like a job opening or something. It never struck me as a good idea, but it made Ken (who is an actual Japanese person) laugh out loud. So consider that if you were actually thinking of getting one.

Evangeline was the protagonist of a novel I’d been flailing around trying to write.

His shirt was Suichi’s art of Mihoto, a character from a really weird story I wrote back in the day.

I figured that in the Neko Machi setting their version of Halo would be a little bit different.

Sakura, who was a young Shinto priestess who came to America on a divine mission to protect Evangeline.


And… I can’t actually remember her name now, but this is Evangeline’s other protector, a young female Knight Templar, as drawn by Suichi.


His shirt says “Baka Gaijin.”

Sakura and an undead samurai. I don’t think this was actually something in the story, just something I thought would be fun to draw.

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  1. Shining Beast Girl Panic may have been weird but it inspired me a lot! Particularly the rubbery shiny race of aliens with inflatable tails I came up with after reading it..

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