New Neko Machi Chapter 6: Self-Esteem



Pac-Man Vs. is a pretty amazing little game that uses the GBA link cable in a really fascinating way.

In a world where dog-girls are real I figured “bitches” would be a pretty terrible word to say. Which in turn makes me question the wisdom of putting it in the comic.

Tiger/Mike is the notable exception to my group of friends’ general dislike of or at least indifference to board games. Very recently we’ve started playing some games, but mostly more casual stuff and lots of party games (Cards Against Humanity, Dixit, Love Letter, that kind of thing). Arkham Horror is by all accounts a really good game if you’re into that kind of thing, but it’s a pretty massive game with intensive setup too.

Kingsley wanted me to make it so that Kim was generally really insecure about her body, which is hard to make come off as a ha ha funny joke in American culture than in a Japanese manga. He was also the one who came up with the original punchline being her saying “I really am Chinese,” which someone thought was racist, and I agreed and changed it, and then people gave me a hard time about “letting myself be bullied” and not Standing Up For Artistic Integrity (of a throw-away gag that I had never been entirely happy with in the first place), which annoyed me a lot more than the rest. Sooooo yeah. Moving on.






Bonus Stuff

Piggy and I communicate by text a lot, but not usually while in the same room.


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