Magical World

    We are too many, and the terrible deeds of a few have turned much of humanity against us. We are at once worshipped, ignored, and despised for what we are, for what we do.
    For trying to save the world.
    I can't stop fighting though. Every time I turn away, something pulls me back. Even if they hate me, I feel I have to protect the people of this city. Because they'll die. Because it's right. Because there's no one else.
    It's not a good time to be a magical girl.

    Magical World is a game setting for use with Thrash and Big Eyes Small Mouth (and probably more systems in the future). It is a world where magical girls are a little too common, and where their heroic job is not an enviable one. Players can take the role of these diminutive heroines, or as easily play as the Dark Ones who torment them or the Hunters who seek to eradicate the more troublesome of their number.

    Here you'll find all the Magical World materials currently available for download.

Document Title
MS Word
Magical World (Version 1.2)
    Contained herein is the main worldbook for Magical World, with all the background information and advice on how to create a character and run a game in this unusual setting.
Thrash Rules Module (Version 1.0)
     Magical World was originally conceived as a general magical girl article for Thrash, and it remains one of the systems under which Magical World may be played as a legacy of that. Included here are details on Weird Powers, Advantages, Disadvantages, and other game materials for used with Magical World.
Tri-Stat Rules Module (Version 1.0)
     The Tri-Stat System from Guardians of Order has been used for the company's universal anime RPG, Big Eyes, Small Mouth, as well as several liscensed titles - including of course Sailor Moon. This rules module provides the Attributes and Defects necessary to create magical girl characters (an updated version with details on Mystic Knights, Dreaming Ones, and Dark Ones is in the works).

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Magical World