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  • akane's anime rpg shrine:This nifty page has lots of info and material for Teenagers From Outer Space, as well as info on various homebrew and commercial anime-style RPGs, plus an assortment of links. On the other hand, it hasn't been updated since 1998.
  • Anime & RPG Outpost: This is the main page for anime RPGs in Brazil. Of course, that means it's in Portugese. If you still want to look at it without knowing the language, you can use the Lycos Translation page; enter the URL ( and it'll spit out a rough, but mostly readable translation of the page in English.
  • The Anime RPG Shrine: The new version of this site now has all of Rob Pool's various anime-related RPG stuff, including reviews of anime-related RPGs, a guide to what systems are suited to what anime, his Battlemaster High campaign setting, game material for BESM, Thrash, ans a little Shadowrun and World of Darkness, AND F.A.R.P.S., Free Anime RolePlaying System. [cool!]


Game Resources

  • Den of the Green Dragon: Amongst other things, this site has stuff on Dragonball Z in both GURPS and Fuzion, and Bubblegum Crising in the Alternity system.
  • Masamune Shirow Conversions For Cyberpunk 2020
  • Meta-Earth: A collection of all sorts of stuff, not the least of which is a collection of material for Mekton Z, and an adaptation of Battle Angel Alita for GURPS and Record of the Lodoss War for Fuzion.
  • MECHA.COM: A collection of resources for the ubiquitous mecha RPGs out there, including Mekton Z and Heavy Gear.
  • The Page of Generators: This page contains a large collection of onlie random generator programs, including anime attacks, mecha, mecha storylines, and so forth.
  • Sanctuary of the Mind: This site currently has a BESM Character archive, but the creator has plans for material for Fuzion, World of Darkness, and Thrash.

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