Getting Started (Again)

I have kind of an idiosyncratic way of going about creating things. I start with some kind of kernel of an idea, and I have to really get in there and try stuff out to fully discover what it is I’m really trying to do. I mention this because Neko Machi is in some ways that kind of flailing around extended over the course of a decade or so and (including myself) no less than three artists. I hit on the idea of doing a comic about a bunch of catgirls loosely based on me and my friends, and somehow or other it became a thing and got a small following. At a certain point between tendonitis and a more mental burnout, I stopped doing it, and then when C. Ellis told me she was looking for someone to work with on a webcomic we ended up collaborating for a while until her real paying work started to take up too much of her time. It was weird, it meandered a lot, and it took a long time for me to figure out what I really wanted to express with it. But it was also something really fun that I did with friends and shared with even more friends.

A while ago I hit on the idea of starting to post new stuff to the Neko Machi site, both to have an outlet for other stuff and to keep our accomplishments with it on the internet. Then the WordPress/ComicPress install I had kind of died on me. I was never a big fan of ComicPress, but at the time it was pretty much the best option. On the other hand for whatever reason it popped into my head that I could start reposting the comic a chapter at a time in normal WordPress posts, so this is me getting the site up and running again. The plan is to go through the whole history of Neko Machi a chapter at a time. I’ll get into doing other things with this site over time, but right now that’s going to be the main focus of it. So, here I am doing a new WordPress install. I really couldn’t say how many of these things I’ve done over the years. There are other blogging platforms, but it’s the path of least resistance at this point, especially if I’m not using a wonky, kludgey theme for it.

Anyway, if you’re reading this now, chances are you’ve been reading for a long time already, so thank you.

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