Old Neko Machi Chapter 9: Kitty’s Dream

The very, very earliest conception of Neko Machi had this weird-ass time travel element to it, and also Mog was the mayor of Neko Machi and I don’t even know. I put it into the comic as a weird dream Kitty had.

Conversations with Tama really were like this at times.

The panels got confusing on this one. Oh well.

We already knew that though.

A really lazy comic with the same art pasted three times. Ugh.

Bonus Stuff

I got Azumanga Daioh plushies for myself and an AE-86 plush for Michael, and for some reason felt the need to take pictures and make a comic thing out of them.

Remember when people freaked out over dubs? Good times. Well, not really.

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